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Pulp concentrate

A fruit pulp concentrate is produced from fruit puree with the possibility to add fruit pieces.

The degree of concentration varies from 40 to 50 Bx, and is dependant on the proportion of the ingredients. The pulp concentrate can be processed in any season, through energy-saving methods, and in addition it�s a high quality product that is easy to handle.
Pulp concentrate can be used in the confectionery and baking industry for sweets, fruit jellies, chewing sweets, and fillings; in the dairy and ice cream industry for icings, desserts; jams and fruit preparations.

By pressing the fruits, juice and pulp are obtained. The pulp is strained depending on the characteristics of the pulp concentrate. It then undergoes a mild concentration process.
The thickened puree along with the required fruit pieces are then mixed in specific proportions until the desired concentration factor is achieved. The product then undergoes a "Flash Pasteurization" process and is aseptically filled into cartons or drums by means of the "bag in box-system".