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General questions:

Product quality and certificates

Frutica PrJSC strives to provide high quality products for its clients. Nowadays we cooperate with partners, who produce excellent quality products and are intensively looking forward for new technologies and developments.  At the same time Frutica is providing helpful information and producing feedback about local quality requirements to western European partners.

Most of the represented producers work according European and international standards of the food industry. Well organized internal control, quality-laboratories and the different kind of registrations, certifications and quality strategies required make sure that the productions work continuously according to the strictest international food regulations. Certificates such as HACCP, ISO 9001, Health and Sanitary, Kosher and Kosher for Passover and the very strict Baby food and Organic product certificates are available.

At the end numerous audits from the biggest international clients guarantee the high quality standards of our partners.

Certification of products in Ukraine
The question of quality standards and certification requirements becomes an essential one. At Frutica one of our main goals is to offer and put in place a good and sound sales service for Ukrainian partners and we endeavor to provide help in all relevant areas. We will therefore manage this by preparing and assisting in obtaining the following certificates.

Certificate of correspondence, Iprona