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Pectin is the natural product which can be found in the cell wall of all higher plants. The universally used jellifying, thickening and stabilizing agent pectin which nowadays is an indispensable component of a great variety of products in either the food industry, where it is used in the production of jams, confectionery articles, baked and dairy products or in the nonfood industry, such as in cosmetics and pharmaceutics, where pectin has gained in recent years an increasingly in importance. The benefits of the natural ingredient pectin are also more and more appreciated by the consumer.

Raw materials for the manufacturing of high, medium and low methylester Classic Apple and Citrus Pectins are mainly apple pomace and citrus peels.
High gel strength and excellent thickening properties of Classic pectins provide products with extraordinary texture achieved with a small amount of pectin. Classic Pectins have neutral taste and enhance the existing natural flavour of the processed fruit.
Based on know-how in the production of Classic Apple and Citrus Pectins, Herbstreith & Fox produces also  the high-quality Classic Grapefruit Pectins and Betapec Beet Pectins.

Thus the product range supplies today the full scope of commercially available pectins for all areas of application, such as:
  • Classic Apple Pectins
  • Classic Citrus Pectins
  • Classic Grapefruit Pectins
  • Betapec Beet Pectins

Aside from Classic Pectins, Herbstreith & Fox also supplies for special applications and for achieving specific properties tailored Combi Pectins, made by blending various classic raw materials.

The group of Amid Pectins presents a technologically reasonable supplement and alternative to Classic Pectins. The specific properties of Amid Pectins lead to different gel structures and will provide technological benefits in certain areas of application.

For direct blending into the product batch and thus easier and quicker handling, Herbstreith & Fox offers users Instant Pectins and Instant-Plus Pectins, which permit a lump-free dispersion.

Also there is an offer for specially designed pectins to meet client’s requirements and specifications.

This extraordinary variety of pectins is  the answer to market demands.