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Fresh/frozen fruit

From the fields of Agro Frutica Byshkiv and the stock of Galfrost we are able to offer you all around the year frozen berries and tropic fruits. In season time we also have fresh strawberries of highest quality for direct consume.

Fresh fruits are available during harvesting period for retail market.     Packaging: Plastic boxes (500 g) in carton trays. 

Frozen fruits                     
a) Class 1 - for food industry and HoReCa sector
In food industry our IQF quality of frozen berries and tropic fruits (class 1) is often used to give the products the real taste and texture of fruit. Areas of application are:
- marmalades / jams
- fruit preparation for yogurt and ice-cream.
This product can also be used in kitchen of hotels, restaurants or cafeterias as raw material for homemade jams and desserts. The large assortment and tailor made frozen fruit mixes allows creative and exotic combinations:
strawberry raspberry blueberry blackberry lingonberry cranberry black currant red currant sourcherry sea buckthorn - aronia elderberry forest strawberry rowanberry rosehip - kiwi mango papaya - melon pineapple - litchi - apple - peach - apricot

b) Class 2 - for processing industry
For processing food industry we produce large quantities of all kinds of berries (class 2). The product can be used for production of juice concentrates, purees or colour extraction. We guarantee a high level of quality control and full retrace ability back to the fields or collection points. Most of the berries are also available as organic fruit.

Our frozen fruit can be delivered in
1 25 kg paper bag with PE-layer
2 10 kg carton box with PE-bag
3 4 x 2,5 kg carton box with PE-bag